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Herald changelog - The Classifications API

Herald changelog - The Classifications API
By The Herald team • Issue #31 • View online
Herald builds digital infrastructure for commercial insurance. Originally published here.

The Classifications API
We’ve already simplified classification of applicants across carriers and lines of business with Herald Codes. This week we took it a step further by releasing our /classifications endpoint.
The classifications API allows developers to send in a set of query parameters and get a list of classifications in order of relevance . Each classification includes the Herald Code needed to classify the applicant along with the description and corresponding 6-Digit NAICS code.
This endpoint supports a search query that enables our distributors to build text-based industry search experiences. Results are powered by Elasticsearch, enabling fuzzy search and prioritizing results based on a number of factors. Learn more about the classifications API here.
Data Cleaning
We’ve improved our API usability by introducing data cleaning of values that are commonly formatted incorrectly such as Email, Phone Number, and Domain.
Previously, when a developer submitted a value with the incorrect format our API would return a 400 error. Now, with data cleaning, Herald correctly maps these values to the correct format instead of throwing an error. For example, Herald previously required phone_number to be 10-digits with no special characters. Now, if a developer submits a phone number in the format “(123) 456-7890” we will reformat it to “1234567890.” This lowers the rate of errors and increases the likelihood of a successful submission.
What’s not new? Herald still transforms these values in the background to submit data in each carrier’s expected format.
Features and Improvements
  • Defaulted the Cyber retroactive date for certain carriers to request Full Prior Acts coverage.
  • Launched a pre-fill feature for the Herald Request Builder to streamline testing. This feature pre-fills the application with default values to quickly complete applications.
  • Updated Cyber status messages to offer enhanced detail for quotes that are active, declined, and expired.
  • Enhanced certain Cyber products to accommodate a broader range of coverage limit requests.
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