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Herald changelog - One year of building





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Herald changelog - One year of building
By The Herald team • Issue #25 • View online
Herald builds digital infrastructure for commercial insurance.

Herald has been building digital infrastructure for a year.
Herald has been building digital infrastructure for a year.
A look back at year one
In June of 2021 we published the inaugural Changelog entry (Our first release) about the first General Liability integration in our sandbox environment. That was first time we enshrined our mission of building digital infrastructure for commercial insurance in actual working code. Since then we’ve built a lot more and wanted to take a moment to look back at our first year.
Here’s a summary of the digital ecosystem we’ve built in a year:
  • 16 integrated insurance products
  • 6 General Liability products
  • 4 BOP products
  • 3 Workers’ Compensation products
  • 2 Property products
  • 1 Cyber product
  • Webhooks that push notifications for key events
  • Data coercion that maximizes the chance of receiving an active quote
  • A Dynamic application that eliminates the need to manage the complexity of questions and conditionality
  • Bind functionality that moves our distributors one step closer to managing the entire policy lifecycle via API
This took a lot work and our team is extremely proud, but it’s also important to note that we could not have built this ecosystem in a vacuum. The digital distribution ecosystem depends on the passionate and talented people at the distributors and carriers we partner with, who share our commitment towards digitizing commercial insurance.
The Insurance API Index
The index catalogs nearly 100 commercial insurance APIs available today.
The index catalogs nearly 100 commercial insurance APIs available today.
Last week we launched the Insurance API Index, which catalogs commercial insurance APIs available today. This is the first index of its kind, and aims to celebrate the carriers who have made significant investments in industry-leading technology. You can read more about how we built the index and what it represents in our blog Introducing the Insurance API Index.
You guessed it, another new product
What better way to celebrate one year of Herald than to announce yet another insurance API integration! We’ve released a new Business Owners Policy (BOP) product, bringing our number of supported BOP products up to four.
Fixes and Improvements
We also made the following fixes and improvements this release:
  • We took our dynamic application endpoint out of beta.
  • We fixed a bug where we allowed you to submit a string for a limit, but doing so caused the quote to eventually fail. Now we only allow you to submit integers for limits.
  • We made an update to throw a 404 error instead of a 500 error when trying to GET a non-existent application.
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