Herald changelog

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Herald changelog and updates

Herald changelog and updates

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Herald changelog - Demo Products and New API Integrations

In November 2021 we introduced a demo surplus lines General Liability product that allows developers to explore Herald's API prior to getting carrier approvals for (real) products. This week we launched 3 new demo products to give developers access to more AP…


Herald changelog - MPL and Files

This week we launched Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL), a new line of business, with 2 new products. These integrations bring our total number of supported products up to 25 across 7 lines of business.


Herald changelog - Full Transparency

This week we officially made our API Reference public, which contains details about Herald's full API schema. Previously, we limited access to our API Reference to customers only, using a login. Our API reference contains sample requests, sample responses, an…


Herald changelog - Applicant- and Agent-Facing Text

An applicant, or an agent representative, must answer questions about their level of risk and the coverage items they seek in order to get an insurance quote. This week we launched support for alternative versions of the same question text: one oriented towar…


Herald changelog - The Classifications API

We've already simplified classification of applicants across carriers and lines of business with Herald Codes. This week we took it a step further by releasing our /classifications endpoint.The classifications API allows developers to send in a set of query p…


Herald changelog - Two More API Integrations

Sorry for a bit of a delay, our last changelog was held up by our preparation for for Insuretech Connect (ITC) in Las Vegas. We apologized for being late last year for the same reason, but as always ITC was worth it. Despite the event prep, we still launched …


Herald changelog - Introducing the Herald Request Builder

Today we're launching the Herald Request Builder (HeRB), an interactive demonstration of our dynamic application with real-time API requests.The Herald Request Builder is a fully interactive demo of our application, submission, and quote endpoints. Each step …


Herald changelog - New Docs

This week we released our brand new Herald Docs, accessible to the public from our website. Prior to this release our docs were private, only accessible to customers with a login.Few things affect a developer’s experience more than API documentation, and the …


Herald changelog - Expanding Appetite

If you've been keeping up with our changelog, you know that we release multiple new insurance products every month- but the work doesn't stop there. Every product has its own set of class codes with unique conditionality, which requires tedious class code map…


Herald changelog - Cyber and Cyber

This week we integrated our second and third Cyber products. These integrations bring us to a total of 18 supported products. These new Cyber integrations allow our distribution partners to get quotes that include coverage for Social Engineering, among other …


Herald changelog - One year of building

In June of 2021 we published the inaugural Changelog entry (Our first release) about the first General Liability integration in our sandbox environment. That was first time we enshrined our mission of building digital infrastructure for commercial insurance i…


Herald changelog - Our sixth General Liability product

Sorry this is a bit late. Last week, over three thousand leaders gathered in New York City at an Insurtech Insights event and Yours Truly was one of them. Still, we're happy to announce that Herald now supports six General Liability products. This newest inte…


Herald changelog - Another Workers' Compensation integration

This week, we launched another Workers' Compensation integration. This addition brings our number of Workers’ Compensation products up to three and our total number of supported products up to fourteen. This product launch marks the fifth new product we’ve la…


Herald changelog - Three's a crowd

This week we launched another Business Owners Policy (BOP) product. This integration brings our number of supported BOP products up to three. In the process of adding this BOP product we added support for over 470 classes of business including electricians, p…


Herald changelog - Two more integrations

We launched two new insurance products this week: one property and one general liability. This brings our total supported property products to two, and our supported general liability products to five.


Herald changelog - Property

This week we have launched a new line of business: Commercial Property. Developers will now be able to quote policies for five total lines of business: Property, General Liability, Business Owners' Policy (BOP), Workers' Compensation, and Cyber. To support th…


Herald changelog - Bind

This week, we published an API feature that was already available to early partners in beta: bind. ”Binding” is insurance parlance for buying a policy. Herald now empowers distributors to bind products from any carrier partner that enables this capability via…


Herald changelog - Cyber Insurance

We recently launched our first carrier for our fourth line of business: Cyber. As businesses invest more and more in technology and attackers get more and more sophisticated, cyber events have become one of the fastest-growing categories of risk. As a result,…


Herald changelog - Growth

As more distributors and carriers join Herald, it becomes important to update our team, processes, and technology to support the growth of our ecosystem. This sprint, we focused on making updates to our infrastructure that enables us to scale:We automated par…


Herald changelog - Three big features

Thank you for your patience here. This entry is about a week late because your beloved author was traveling to sunny San Diego. But this one is worth the wait, because we launched three big features.